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C–Fold Paper Towel DispensersC–Fold paper towel dispensers often can hold a variety of napkins. Many different companies make these particular type of napkins and they can be commonly found in most establishments. C–Fold paper towels are a type of parallel folded paper towel that create six panels with two parallel folds. This is the same type of fold that you commonly see with letters and brochures.

The main advantage of C–Fold paper towel dispensers design is the way that it distributes the paper towels. Every use allows for the same amount, eliminating waste or excessive distribution amounts. Another advantage to C–Fold paper towel dispensers is that they often come as combo units. This means that the C–Fold paper towel dispenser also features a disposal at the bottom, eliminating the need to buy an additional unit for disposal of used paper towels and napkins.

Here are some of the great C-fold paper towel dispensers we offer:

Many of the C–Fold paper towel dispensers you see are very basic and often constructed of stainless steel materials. The stainless steel construction eliminates rust and corrosion over long periods of time, which makes this material perfect for any situation where the dispensers can be exposed to moisture. The ideal location for this type of dispenser could be anywhere in a restaurant or a restroom.


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