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Bradley Diplomat 2A10-11 Paper Towel Dispenser


Bradley Diplomat 2A10-11 Paper Towel Dispenser

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The 2A10-11 is a featured model in the Bradley diplomat ADEX award-winning product. This unit is constructed from a sturdy and beautiful satin stainless steel. Adding to the great features of this unit is in a Burr free design that eliminates chances for cuts or injuries.

This unit is available in recess, semi-recessed or surface mounting options. This model can also accept almost any size paper towels. Along with the extremely durable stainless steel design, the keyed locking mechanism helps to prevent and deter theft and vandalism

  • Constructed Of Extremely Durable Stainless Steel
  • Rolled Burr Free Edges
  • Easily Dispenses 800 Multi Fold Or 600 C–Fold Paper Towels
  • Part Of Bradley's Award-Winning Diplomat Washroom Accessories Line


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