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Napkin Dispensers


Food establishments and restaurants will always need effective means of distributing napkins to customers. Napkin dispensers have become what is considered a permanent fixture on the tables and countertops of restaurants for years. Whether you choose to place your napkin dispenser in a central location, or on each table, you are going to need. The common napkin dispenser is capable of holding up to at least 150 napkins. Most dispensers contain a spring been that keeps napkins readily accessible to guests, no matter how many are actually left in the unit.

Napkin dispensers serve a much needed purpose, not only do they give the customer easy access to napkins. but more importantly they provide diners with autonomy from the restaurant staff. If a spill or other accident occurs, the diners can clean it up on their own, which frees the burden from waiters and other busy members of the establishments staff.

Napkins are a vital part of the eating experience, they help to keep our fingers, mouths and even clothes clean. Napkin dispensers are generally a personal preference by restaurant and diner owners, as to how they want them displayed and distributed throughout their establishments. Depending on your interior design, you may choose to go with napkin dispensers that are quite sophisticated, or go with the more classic style napkin dispenser with stainless steel and a mirrored finish.

The key factor to a napkin dispensers design is the additional functionality it offers. They enclose a casing, which allows users to receive a single napkin each time they reach into the container. This design was created to limit the use of paper napkins and save the business money in the long run.


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