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Toilet paper dispensers are predominantly created for restrooms in office buildings, hospitals, schools and any other type of public or private facilities. The term "toilet paper dispenser" is one that is used for relatively any device that can hold our house toilet paper. This can cover anything from your larger, more durable units all the way down to the simple roll holder.

Today's commercial dispensers are equipped to handle many different sizes of tissue rolls and built to withstand high restroom volume in use. They come in a vast array of variations, shapes and sizes. Many units can hold more than one roll at a time and can automatically switch out rolls once one is depleted.

Toilet tissue dispensers can be made from any materials that range from stainless steel to plastics. Determining which dispenser is right for you can differ greatly depending on your needs.

Let's take some time to look at the different types of units in their functions. Here are some of the options you should consider:

• Is your bathroom a high-traffic area?
• Is your restroom a vandal-prone area
• How will you mount your dispenser?
• What type of material should you choose?
• Do you need your dispenser to also contain a waste receptacle or napkin dispenser?

Is your restroom a high-traffic area?

If your restroom is a high-traffic area you should consider a unit that is both durable, and can hold a large amount of toilet paper at a time. There are many different types of toilet paper dispensers that can accommodate the needs of a high-traffic restroom. For example Bradley makes a toilet tissue dispenser that hold a jumbo roll that measures 10 inches in diameter. This unit is forged from high quality stainless steel and a sturdy one-piece construction. This makes for extremely durable unit that can go a long amount of time without needing to be changed.

Is your restroom a vandal prone-area?

If your restroom is prone to high-traffic and vandals it is absolutely necessary that you choose one of the units that is extremely durable. Also, we would recommend a toilet paper dispenser that contains a locking mechanism. The lock prevents vandals or thieves from opening your unit and removing the toilet paper. A stainless steel unit would be a great choice for any restroom that stands a chance of being exposed to vandalism or the outside elements.

How will you mount your dispenser?

You also have to consider your mounting options, will the dispenser be placed on a surface, or will it be recessed? If you are going to mount your toilet dispenser to a bathroom partition or stall, it basically has to be surface mounted. If you are mounting your toilet paper dispenser on a bathroom stall that has a toilet on each side, then perhaps you should choose a partition mounted dispenser. The partition mounted units feature dispensers on both sides of the partition that is all internally combined into one unit. This cuts down on the changing time and maintenance needed.

Some units are available with recessed options. This means that the units can be placed inside of the wall, so that only the face of the dispenser can be seen or accessed. This is the ideal situation to eliminate unit from being tampered with. Of course, this means that you would have to have a wall with enough depth to at least partially house the unit. So, in some cases this mounting type would not be an option.

What type of material should you choose?

As mentioned earlier toilet tissue dispensers can come in a multitude of shapes sizes and materials. Once you have considered the previous factors, it is time to determine what type of material you need for your restroom.

Let's take a look at the dispensers created from steel. It is absolutely imperative that when you choose a steel toilet tissue dispenser that it be stainless. This eliminates rust and corrosion over time. Due to the nature of restrooms, moisture is always a factor to consider. Stainless steel usually comes in two different types of finishes, satin finish and brushed steel. Both are great, elegant looking materials and they both fit well with any decor. It is just a matter of your opinion as to which would fit best for your restroom. In addition to being impervious to many elements, stainless steel is extremely durable and built to last. Although more expensive and heavier than plastic stainless steel is a great option.

The other most popular type of material that toilet tissue dispensers are created from his plastics. Plastic toilet paper dispensers have proven to be both extremely durable and affordable. While not as physically strong stainless steel, plastic is just his durable to the elements and much lighter.

Another advantage that plastic has over steel is the variety of finishes. While many opt for the solid white plastic dispenser, they can come in your choice of many colors. A popular finish for plastic units is no as transparent, are transparent smoke color. This allows the user to see the amount of toilet paper left in the unit without having to actually open the unit. This makes it extremely easy to determine what needs to be changed.

Do you need your dispenser to also contain a waste receptacle, napkin dispenser?

Bidding on the side of your restroom you may need to furnish what is called a combo unit. Combo units are simply a combination of different bathroom fixtures combined into one single unit. For example, a common type of combo unit is a toilet paper dispenser combined with a waste receptacle. If you have even less room you could choose a dual partition, unit that features both a toilet tissue dispenser and a waste receptacle on each side. This one unit can serve both purposes on each side of a bathroom stall or partition. These are very common needs and often are a great way to accommodate your customers.

Another example of a combination dispensing unit, is a model that not only dispenses toilet paper, but can also dispense napkins, toilet seat covers or even feminine products. Combination dispensing units are often made from stainless steel and feature locking mechanisms.


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