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Automatic Paper Towel DispensersAutomatic paper dispensers were invented in the 1980s, there were designed to function using circuit boards and motion sensors. This new design meant that users could retrieve paper towels without ever having to actually touch the dispenser. No longer would the dispenser become dirty or wet from use. This helped greatly to prevent the spreading of germs and communicable diseases. The introduction of automatic paper dispensers help to create a much cleaner environment and reduce waste. In addition to these advantages, the new automatic paper dispensers became available in a multitude of styles, had an inexpensive price and also featured enhanced durability.

Automatic paper dispensers commonly use motion sensors to release the paper towels or napkins held within the unit. Automatic dispensers use infrared wavelength's to initiate the dispensing sequence. Movement, such as a wave of the hand, breaks the been in signals to the dispenser to release the product within. Automatic paper dispensers are normally set to dispense a specific amount, but can be set stop dispensing any time that movement ceases.

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Although paper and soap are the most common types of automatic dispensers, automatic seeks and hand dryers are increasing in popularity in many public facilities. Automatic sinks, dryers and toilets use the same infrared technology as automatic paper dispensers do.

Here are some of the great automatic paper towel dispensers we offer:

A Much Cleaner Environment

The conventional style of paper dispensers required the users to use his or her hands to pull out and tear off a paper towel. This quickly became a problem in high-traffic environments such as hospitals and restaurants. Having to touch the dispenser greatly increased the spreading of communicative conditions such as the cold, the flu and other forms of bacteria and sickness. The automatic paper dispenser introduced a concept that meant no touching. The user could just wave his or her hand in front of it and the dispenser would release a piece of paper they could then tear off.

Reducing Waste

The non-automatic paper dispensers encourage people to grab as much paper as they can possibly get. However, with automatic paper dispenser, only one sheet of paper or napkin is released at a time. In the lifetime of an automatic paper dispenser, it greatly reduces the amount of paper used. So not only is it more effective and more price efficient, in the long run is more environmentally friendly due to the amount of paper saved. In addition, automatic paper dispensers often encourage businesses to invest in recyclable paper towels, which is greatly beneficial to the environment.

A Multitude of Styles and Colors

Paper dispensers come in a huge variety of styles and colors. The forms and styles can vary greatly, from brightly colored, plastic dispensers, all the way to metal and even with dispensers. The type of paper dispenser that you choose is really only limited by your needs and budget.

Inexpensive Pricing

Over the years automatic paper dispensers have become much less expensive. Not only have they become very affordable, they no longer require professional assistance to install. In addition to these key factors, they require much less maintenance, because paper towel batches no longer have to be replaced as often.


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