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Jofel Azur Mechanical Auto-Cut HRT Paper Towel Dispenser AG81000


Jofel Azur Mechanical Auto-Cut HRT Paper Towel Dispenser AG81000

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The Jofel chemical auto-cut paper towel dispenser is a great and sanitary dispenser for almost any situation. This unit is crafted from extremely durable ABS plastic. The cover features a beautiful smoke finish the base is white.

The dispensing mechanism is activated by pulling the paper towel down. Approximately 11 inches of paper will be released before the dispenser automatically cuts the paper. The auto cut mechanism ensures that the right length is dispensed and enough is left for the next user to grab and start the dispensing mechanism over again.

This paper towel dispenser is very sanitary because the user only has to touch the paper and is guaranteed to get the same amount every time, all the time.

This model is surface mounted and can be easily attached to most surfaces with the included mounting hardware.

This dispenser also features a keyed locking to deter theft and vandalism.

  • Crafted From ABS High-Impact Plastic
  • Very Sanitary
  • Dispenses 11 Inches Of Paper Each Use
  • Beautiful Smoke Finish
  • Keyed Locking System



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