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Lever Operated - Towel Dispenser - Model-2495 - Black


Lever Operated - Towel Dispenser - Model-2495 - Black

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The Bradley model 2495 towel dispenser is an excellent choice for almost any situation. This towel dispenser is lever operated and requires only the users effort to dispense towels. The base and cover of this dispenser is fabricated of high-impact resistant plastic. The black translucent cover with speckled grey base this beautiful to the eye and allows just enough transparency to let you know when it needs a refill. The black plastic handle is treated with Bio-Pruf® to inhibit bacterial growth.

Lever operated towel dispensers have been the standard sense the very beginning of towel dispensing technology. The simplistic, yet very effective design of lever activated towel dispensing mechanisms ensures that it will remain prevalent for many years to come.

The true advantage of this type of paper towel dispenser compared to the automatic type is that it requires no battery or AC adapter. This means that it can be mounted in almost any environment without having to worry about how you will power.

The lever operated dispensing mechanism provides adjustable means to dispense paper towels. You get your choice of three length settings (2 1/2", 4" or 5")

This paper towel dispenser has a capacity of an 8" wide towel roll and one 4" partial stub roll with a 1/2 inch core diameter.

  • Crafted From High Impact Plastic
  • Black Translucent Cover
  • Speckled Grey Base
  • Handle Is Treated With Bio-Pruf® To Prevent Bacterial Growth
  • Lever Operated
  • Easily Surface Mounted
  • Fits Roll Paper Towels
  • Three Adjustable Length Settings



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