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Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser Model 030-02



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The Jofel Model 030–02 has quickly become the standard when it comes to center pull towel dispensers. This dependable extremely durable towel dispenser is finely crafted in extra strength ABS plastics. This paper towel dispenser features a transparent smoke finish. The transparency of the cover makes it easy to tell when the unit is running low on paper. The decor of this unit is certain to match almost any environment.

This paper towel dispenser features an inner disk that was created for the center pull paper to sit on, the plastic cone that is placed directly beneath the inner disk is designed to make it easier for the paper to dispense.

The keyless entry ensures helps to ensure easy access when replacing rolls.

This unit can house one roll at a time measuring up to 9 inches in width.

  • Crafted In Durable ABS Plastic
  • Transparent Smoke Finish
  • Transparency Makes It Easy To Tell When Paper Is Running Low
  • Innovative Design Allows For Easy Paper Dispensing
  • Easily Mounts Anywhere With Included Mounting Hardware



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